Not to toot our own delivery truck horns, but that news is often about us - and about how we're making waves in last-mile delivery service across Australia.

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Startup Smart

08 Sep 2016

US tech giant Expensify and local startup MeeMeep launch Australian HQs in Melbourne

Local startup MeeMeep has also announced a large expansion in Melbourne, opening a new Queens Road office thats set to create 30 new tech jobs in the city.


Premier of Victoria

08 Sep 2016 Adds New Melbourne Office And Jobs


Inside Small Business

02 Sep 2016

Retailers must offer better delivery and returns


Sydney Morning Herald

10 Mar 2016

Taxis and Uber will fight it out over new ground


Sydney Morning Herald

12 August 2015

Basic Training: How to drum up some extra cash


The New Daily

23 Apr 2015

Ten ways to make extra coin


Australian Financial Review

12 Sep 2014

Crowdshipping: using the crowd to transform delivery


Startup Smart

08 Oct 2012

Make way for a moving story


Fully Loaded

12 Jul 2012 A New Logistics Force

Logo blue on white.jpg

Daily Telegraph

31 Mar 2012

Turning commuters into couriers


Sydney Morning Herald

29 Mar 2012

MeeMeep: On the move without the middleman

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